A boutique Hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv

In the center of Tel Aviv's beating heart, stands the new renovated Arbel Suites Hotel.

We established The Arbel Hotel with a slightly different hospitality concept in mind. Family and friendly vibes, with friendly staff who love people and enjoy what they do. We dreamed of creating an oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv, with an elegant and inviting lobby, a magical private patio with a small library, a great coffee area, abundant vegetation and a constant murmur of flowing water.

We wanted to create a parallel dimension to the vibrant city, one that from the moment you enter it, will envelop you in a feeling of calm and relaxation. It was important for us that the rooms will be spacious, decorated, modern and practical, so they would give our guests the feeling of a Tel Aviv hotel and a home at the same time.
Our team knows Tel Aviv from every angle and will be happy to help and recommend you the best places in the city. If you’ll be into it, you can use our bikes (for free) and experience the city like a real Tel Avivian. For those arriving by car, the hotel has an accessible and convenient private parking lot (additional fee, must be reserved in advance). We invite you to experience Tel Aviv in the most special way with us

Our Story

The story of the Arbel Hotel begins in the 1920s.

In 1929, on the small and old Hulda Street, Eliezer Rotenberg established a lot for building materials and next to it a lime pit that served the construction workers in the area, and was also known to all the children of the neighborhood as a place for games and pranks. Over the years, it was decided to move the building materials business to the Herzliya sands (where it still exists today) and build a residential building on the lot. And so, in the early 1990s, Eliezer Rotenberg’s daughter Tzila, along with her husband Reuven, built the building.
After several years, their son – Mishael Arbel, along with his wife Yael, came up with the idea of turning the building into a boutique hotel that would bear their family name. And so, after several years of planning, hard work and a lot of bureaucracy, the hotel opened and the dream came true. The hotel is managed to this day with care and devotion by the Arbel family and recently the management passed to the younger generation who brought a new and fresh spirit. In the years 2020-2021, the hotel was renovated and redesigned in a unique modern style with a concept entirely dedicated to our beloved Tel Aviv, the city of our childhood.

The planning and design of the hotel was done with maximum awareness to preserve the environment. Our air conditioning, electricity and water system were designed for maximum energy savings. All our rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan for the transition seasons, and all our windows are made of LOW-E insulated glass that filters out radiation and heat. In the last year, we moved to become a paper-free hotel with no paperwork at all, and we make sure of cycle and sustainability during the daily operation of the hotel.